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Portraits are drawn from your photographs. Good quality digital photos can be sent to me via email - [email protected] 

I will look at your photo(s) and advise you of its suitability to take a good quality photo-realistic drawing from. It is always helpful if a selection of photos can be sent but if you have that one special photo that you would like me to draw I will be happy to let you know if its suitable.

I want to create something that you and your family will cherish and if my drawing is going to hung proudly on your wall for many years to come then to bring back cherished memories then it has to absolutely right and capture the essence, the soul of the animal.


- For your animal portrait, photos that are taken out doors and down at their level are best.

- Close up, head shots of people are best  taken without a flash.

- The quality and detail shown in the photo will influence just how much detail I can include in the completed drawing for you. The better the quality and higher the resolution photo you send me, then the more detail I can put into your completed artwork.

- If you want more than one subject in a drawing but don't have them all featured in one photo, this is not a problem. I can combine subjects from multiple photos into one drawing (as it's always hard to get 3 dogs to look in the same direction at once!).

Lead Times

You can expect to receive your completed commission within 2-4 weeks - but for up to date information on a lead time for your order (especially if ordering for a special occasion/date) then please contact me.


A4 size - 1 x subject - £65

A4 size - 2 x subjects - £95

A3 size - 1 x subject - £85

A3 size - 2 x subjects - £125

A3 size - 3 x subjects - £160

(a 15% deposit is required at time of ordering to book your order in)

"I received the drawing....I cried! It's perfect. You captured each one exactly right. I have to ask are you available for anymore?...the post-lady was there when I opened it (too excited to get it inside)and she wants one of her dogs. This will be in my family for years to come - it will be the focal point in our home - Thank-you so much"

Benny Fitz

Director of High Fives, Apple

"May I say your artwork is fantastic and my wife is well and truly over the moon with this drawing. Thank-you very much for allowing us to share your artwork and we are proud to be able to show this to everyone who enters our household!"

Tess Timonial

TESTIMONIALS from customers
The portrait arrived today and all I can say is OMG - WOW! You are certainly very talented - You have caught our Bradleys likeness to a T. My wife will be blown away. I am going to be in her good books for months I think!

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

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